Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with the Aspire Vero Green PC

In honour of Earth Day our In the Spotlight at Poptronic is the Aspire Vero by Acer. The Aspire Vero is a green PC made from recycled plastic and has a commitment to a more sustainable future. This isn’t your ordinary laptop- the Aspire Vero was thoughtfully designed to leave its green mark and fit the planet’s needs. This laptop uses 30% eco-friendly PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic which saves around 21% in CO2 emissions.

The environmentally friendly Aspire Vero uses 50% of PCR plastic in the keyboard caps and has a paint-free chassis to offset the negative impact of VOC’s. Every part of this laptops design kept sustainability in mind down to the packaging which is 100% recyclable, made with 85% recycled paper and acts as a full-functioning laptop stand.

And just because this laptop is green doesn’t mean it’s not powerful, the Aspire Vero is powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors and uses Intel Iris Xe graphics for ground-breaking performance.

One of the best features in our opinion is that this laptop was made to be easily repaired and upgraded by using standardized screws, so it lasts longer and keeps it out of landfills. Another interesting feature is the mirrored R and E keys to reinforce the message: Reduce, Reuse Recycle.