Bespoke Lighting Technology Inspired by Nature.

Nanoleaf Elements combine technology and nature in a beautiful hardwood inspired look with soft ambient lighting in a modern geometric shape. These customizable hexagon lighting panels allow you to easily create your own personal lighting experience, over and over again. Nanoleaf Elements has 11 curated scenes from glowing ember to a calming waterfall or use the rhythm music sync function to pair your lighting to your favourite songs.

As interior designer Mary Jo Major likes to say, “ambient lighting is like a warm handshake when you come into the room”. Ambient lighting has a positive effect on our mood by mimicking the warm, indirect lighting of dusk. Warm lighting in your home relaxes your mind and body to let you unwind naturally. 

Nanoleaf Elements are easy to install by using non-damaging adhesive strips to attach the panels anywhere you like. The best part of the installation process is the freedom to create endless designs anywhere in your home. Nanoleaf Elements panels are also smart which allows you to completely customise the brightness, cycles and turn them on/off easily from your phone with the Nanoleaf App.

Use your Nanoleaf Elements to inspire, calm, or set the mood of your personal space.

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