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Nearly nine in 10 consumers say the pandemic is “an opportunity for large companies to hit ‘reset’ and focus on doing right by their workers, consumers, communities, and the environment.” Three in four said that a “strategy to place purpose alongside profit, express corporate values, and address heightened consumer attention to sustainability, social justice, equality, and environmental consciousness” is an initiative that rank high in achieving desired strategic outcomes in 2021.

Purpose is not a concession to profit. Instead, it is an accelerant.

- Deloitte US Consumer Products Industry Outlook Report

Chatnie Herne - CTO & Cofounder

Chatnie's passion is tech and it shows. She is currently completing her Master's in InfoTech, she's worked as a Policy Analyst with the Native Women's Association of Canada, a Program Development Officer at the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, and as a Project Manager at the Ontario Emerging Jobs Institute, helping students jump into digital skills training. She's Native American, and the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve is where she calls home.

What she loves most about tech is the ever changing potential to enhance our human experience. She feels that we have endless opportunity to connect and create communities with everyone around the world. 

Kelly Bergeron - CEO and Cofounder

Kelly loves shiny new gadgets and has a great passion for teaching digital literacy. She has helped build computer science programming through her work with Canada Learning Code, Code Heroes, the Cornwall Innovation Centre and through Code Next. She has worked in digital management roles at Salesforce in Toronto, and San Francisco and has continued to champion equality and climate change opportunities in her community.

At the intersection of tech and ethics is where she wants to ensure society's needs are being met, through equitable access to new, exciting tech and creativity.

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